We hope you will feel warmly “welcomed” by others as you come through the south entrance glass doors.

We have a “Welcome Center” in the foyer with someone there to answer questions and help you find your way around the facility. Also at the “Welcome Center,” you will find information about the church and what activities are going on.

The Sanctuary (where we worship) is to your left as you walk in the foyer.

Our services have both praise songs and hymns.

We have a Song Leader who is accompanied by a guitar, drums, piano and organ.

We do have a Choir that sings weekly, along with some special music (solos, quartets, etc.).

The sermons that the Pastor gives each week seek to relate the Christian faith to the living of life today.

You will find some folks come to church dressed-up, while others come in casual clothing (like jeans). Either way, you are welcomed to come and participate at First Baptist.

During worship we do recognize “visitors” at the beginning of the service, who are okay with being recognized. It is NOT required if you prefer not to be recognized. We’ll just be glad to have you here participating and feeling a part of things.

The Ministries of First Baptist Church can be categorized under five headings:


Each week we seek to have an encounter with God that strengthens our faith and deepens our commitment of service to Him.  We define worship as: "The occupation of the heart with God Himself."


We strive to help people grow in their knowledge of the Scriptures, of church history, of Christian doctrine, and of practical ways to live out the Christian faith.  To become more Christlike.


Every Christian is a part of God's family.  Therefore, each and every Christian needs to be part of a local church.  The local church is where the family meets to interact together, to grow close to each other and learn to serve the Lord, each other, our community, and reach out to the World.


We want to express our Christian love to each other and to our community by helping to meet the social needs as well as the spiritual needs of people.


It is our aim to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel of our Lord. Our mission program begins at home and reaches around the world.  We endeavor to teach Christians how to share their faith in a non-threatening matter. We believe every Christian is a witness for Christ; therefore, we seek to be the very best possible.